Hub City Life is brand new. The site is like a newborn baby, and we need the whole village to start raising us right!

The way to make a great site that supports a fantastic community is with the help of others.

Our celebration of Saskatoon needs input from the people of Saskatoon.

We just started gathering and listing fantastic local businesses in our Business Directory, but without user submissions, this will be slow. If you know and love a great business in the Hub City, please take a short minute and suggest it for us to promote.

We also need writers who are passionate to share their Saskatoon. We’re open to including all types of local information and events.

On that note, with Covid it feels like there are no events to go to, but we know that’s not the case. There are lots of great things happening (with the highest safeguards, and adherence to current health guidelines) in our city. We’re building a community calendar of events, and will be looking for user submissions, so that we can send out reminders and help make these events “rock”.

Let’s build something that we all can use.